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Practice Areas Overview

The Evans Law Firm, P.C. is a general civil litigation law firm in Birmingham handling a wide variety of complex litigation and trial matters for clients throughout Alabama.  With over 34 years of appellate and trial experience, firm founder G. Daniel Evans has a history of obtaining successful results for clients.

Business Litigation & Business Transactions

Mr. Evans has extensive experience handling business litigation matters, including disputes involving shareholders, partners, breach of contract matters, employers and employees, and commercial lease disputes.  He also assists clients with business transaction matters, such as drafting lease agreements, handling purchases and sales of ownership interests, and drafting and reviewing business agreements.

Complex Litigation & Class Actions

The Evans Law Firm has the expertise and experience to represent clients in a diverse array of complex litigation matters, including class actions.  Class actions are generally lawsuits initiated by one person, a group of people, or a company on behalf of other individuals.  Class action lawsuits provide relief to groups of people who have suffered the same or similar harms, without having to initiate individual, separate lawsuits, which can be costly and impractical.

Consumer Matters

We have represented numerous clients in consumer matters, including class actions and mass torts against companies, manufacturers, and other entities.  Mr. Evans handles a wide breadth of consumer-related matters on behalf of plaintiffs, such as product defect cases, insurance bad faith, and unfair trade practices.

Insurance Fraud

Many individuals believe that insurance companies will act honestly and in the full interests of policyholders.  Unfortunately, however, because insurance companies are generally concerned with their own bottom line, some companies engage in insurance bad faith or fraud.  Fraudulent or deceptive insurance company practices include unreasonably denying claims or coverage, misrepresenting the extent of policy coverage, and failing to investigate claims.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

Physicians and medical professionals have a responsibility to exercise adequate care and skill when treating patients.  If patients do not receive proper medical care and treatments, these failures can lead to serious illnesses, temporary or permanent disabilities, and even death.  We represent victims and their families in medical malpractice cases involving surgical errors, medication errors, and birth injuries.

Personal Injury

Suffering serious or catastrophic injuries in an accident can be traumatic and devastating.  Whether you are the victim of an automobile, trucking, motorcycle, pedestrian, or slip and fall accident, The Evans Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve, such as recovery for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  We also have considerable experience representing the family members of individuals who have suffered a wrongful death due to the negligence or intentional act of another party.

Products Liability

Children and adults can suffer severe injuries and possibly death if a product, such as a toy or equipment, has a design, manufacturing, or warning defect.  The Evans Law Firm is committed to obtaining the full compensation to which accident victims and their families are entitled.  Injured victims should not have to suffer the financial difficulties brought on by the negligent actions of the company, manufacturer, or distributor that is responsible.

Estate & Trust Litigation

We have an in-depth understanding of various trust and estate litigation issues and disputes, such as breaches of fiduciary duty, trust contests, fraud, and estate mismanagement, and have a reputation for obtaining optimal results for our clients in this area of law.

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